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Our goal is to provide you with useful information about hernias and the specific techniques used in hernia surgery. At the Hernia Center of Southern California, you will receive highly personalized attention and care for your hernia.

We specialize in the most advanced surgical techniques and treatment for many types of abdominal hernias. Devoted to hernia diagnosis and repair for more than 20 years, we have developed expert techniques for repairing hernias. While there are many different types of hernia repair methods, we prefer to use the Albin Tension Free Mesh technique. This is a version of the tension free mesh technique modified by Dr. David Albin exclusively for the Hernia Center, which provides our patients with less pain and a quicker recovery. With the experience of over 9,500 surgeries, we at the Hernia Center of Southern California truly are 'hernia specialists' in every sense.

Dr. David Albin gets published!
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American College of Surgeons Guest Lecturer

Dr. Albin was recently invited as a guest lecturer at the
Annual American College of Surgeons meeting on January 19, 2013.

His presentation "The Albin Technique" was highly regarded by his fellow surgeons.


Dr. David Albin featured on the cover of the August issue of Orange County Health!

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The Albin Tension Free Mesh technique is designed to not only allow you to return to everyday activity quicker with minimum work restriction but to give you the assurance of attaining the safest, most effective hernia repair there is. Since we practice the most advanced surgical techniques available, our patients experience considerably less discomfort after surgery and are less restricted than those who undergo more traditional methods still in use today. Even with preexisting medical conditions, our safe procedures:

Are Effective for All Hernia Types
Have the Lowest Recurrence Rate
Offer Minimal Post-Operative Discomfort
Allow Fast Recovery and Return to Everyday Activity
Are Tolerated Well at Any Age
Permit Local Anesthesia with Sedation(NOT the riskierGeneral Anesthesia))

When you choose the Hernia Center of Southern California for your hernia repair, know you are choosing specialists who take your specific, individual needs into consideration first and foremost. We understand each of you is the only you with needs and circumstances unique to only you. We strive to provide you with the knowledge to put your mind at ease, and with the respect, care and attention you deserve.

What is a hernia?

Hernias are very common and can occur in many areas of the body. Our bodies are held together by bone, muscle, and a band-like material called fascia. Fascia gives our body its shape, similar to a girdle that is worn around the waist. When fascia tears, our insides are no longer held in place. Our internal organs bulge through these holes. This resulting bulge is a hernia. When hernias occur in the groin, they cause a groin bulge or groin pain. This is commonly called an inguinal hernia. When a hernia occurs at the belly button, it is called an umbilical hernia. Hernias can form almost anywhere on the belly, and these are known as abdominal hernias.  When we have surgery, the surgeon must cut through our fascia to get to our internal organs. If the fascia does not close or heal well, then the tear remains, resulting in incisional hernias.

Hernia Surgery Cost

At The Hernia Center of Southern California we do not publish our costs. Our cost for hernia surgery is competetive with other hernia centers. At other hernia centers you will see a cheap published price only to find disappointment at the time you see the doctor when you are told that the cost of your hernia surgery is higher than the published price because of problems that are you unique to you. Here are some of the hidden costs. They will tell you that you will have to pay an additional fee because your hernia is too big, you are too big, you have other medical problems, or that you hernia surgery is expected to be more difficult. Avoid this disappointment and call our office for an accurate cost to repair your hernia.


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